Bio-Fusion Designs is reintroducing it’s live coral sales on line through the products section on our site in 2019.  We will be posting insanely colorful, rare, & highly collectible items for purchase through the site.  These items will be previewed in posts on our business FB page that can also be accessed through the site.  Some of the most sought after & collectible pieces will however be offered first through are e-mail program. WYSIWYG photos, videos, info, & pricing will be sent up to twice per month to receive First Come – First Serve Access to these pieces from our aquaculture facility.  Call or use the Contact Form on the site today for more info on this amazing opportunity.

Bio-Fusion Designs has been the first company to design & produce custom “themed” aquarium displays for public & private events, as well as, permanent installation.  We introduced our concept Nationwide back in 2005.  Our press section covering our public attention over the years have been numerous of articles relating to our pioneering vision in this area.  We have been producing “themed” permanent installations that allow for “ease of maintenance”, while keeping the artistic integrity along with our unique themed temporary displays.  We would love to help your create your ultimate custom aquarium vision.

Bio-Fusion Designs will be starting its touring for Aquatic Industry Trade Shows, as well as, the local Home & Garden Show circuit – starting in February 2019.  We will have a “one of kind” custom – themed – temporary aquarium display at our shows like we do each year along with new custom water wall displays, bubble panels, etc.  We will be posting the finalized dates & locations soon !!!

We are now reinstating our educational / classroom – practical based programs that involve our portable “touch tank” systems, aquarium keeping seminars, and much more !!!

We are currently consulting, designing, and booking outdoor pond, water garden, water feature, and landscape projects for 2019.  The consultation is free if you live within the greater Capital Region of NY State.  We are offering great incentives to book with us now.  This will also ensure your project will have good placement on our busy upcoming spring schedule.  Call for more details.

Aside from the custom design and project builds – we are the area’s largest pond service company offering the most professional, comprehensive, and best priced pond installation / design, as well as, services such as  clean-out and seasonal “opening” / end of season “shut-down” in the Tri-State area.  Call for more details.


Bio-Fusion Designs is the source for colorful – aquacultured seahorses. We have been  breeding several species at our aquaculture facility. Check-out the You-Tube Channel for some great video segments.



A truly unique “living art” gift idea. Custom made Bonsai Spheres only available through Bio-Fusion Designs.



“Ultra Colored” Corals of every type available on a regular basis from our aquaculture facility.  From Show Sized Colonies to Frags.  Check our FB Page on a regular basis for Updated Availability



Custom aquariums – no matter what the design challenge – Bio-Fusion Designs can deliver results.

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