Bio-Fusion Designs creates all of the ponds we are contracted to do with an ease of maintenance approach.  We have the experience and equipment to build ponds of all sizes or design specifications.  The filtration and water flow integration we use allows for optimal biological conditions to support all living animals within the aquascape.  We even offer a guarantee of clear water all season long on the ponds we design and build or install approved retrofit applications.  We are a full service pond company with all supplies, live fish, plants needed / wanted, and affordable maintenance service if desired by the client.  We offer referral points to our existing clients that feature our aquariums or ponds or those that we service.  We do this as a way of saying Thank-You for your business and the business that you pass along to us through “word of mouth”.  Acquire points if people referred do buisness with our company.  This can be used towards additional fish, plants, supplies, etc. – or even service towards your aquarium or pond.


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A custom pond for the truly custom backyard. This pond was designed to flow with the bluestone edging design of the infinity-edge swimming pool of the client. Features completely seamless filtration and fiber optic lighting elements and an underwater coping edge where the client and family hand feed the selected Japanese Koi by hand.
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This pond actually forms a border next to one side of the back of the clients home. A fully landscaped are exists around the pond and features succession planting arranged in the right areas to create a unique seasonally changing view around the pond.
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A unique version of a natural pond designed to provide the final accent piece to a backyard suited for leisure. A great view exists from the deck and pool. The highlight is an extended / winding waterfall that goes under the stonework to re-enter the main pond. Unique planter pockets were integrated to create a wonderful planted ridge between the stream-course and the main body of water.
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Wonderful use of space for an expansive backyard. This pond features a large main pond section that is easily viewed from the covered back porch and a long meandering stream that follows the contour and gradient of the landscape.<br /><br />
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A large frontyard pond / waterscape fully loaded with custom features. The client desired an innovative fountain design - The result was a custom geyser fountain created within the rockwork of the pond that produces a scattered rainfall effect over the center. The pond also has a divergent waterfall drop that eventually produces two streams entering the large pool. The water features and aquatic / landscape plants are lighted at night with color-changing fiber optic technology. This pond is home to over 20 show quality domestic Japanese Koi. It has become a local favorite with people passing by that frequently stop to admire the design.
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Backyard appeal at its finest - a natural flagstone walkway and patio sitting area with firepit. It was framed in a three dimensional fashion with a gradually sloping gentle stream and pond resembling an Adirondack mountain pool.
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This pond almost disappears amongst the landscape and aquatic vegetation. A soothing waterfall adds a sound element that completes the Zen presence created for the front porch sitting area on this mountain top residence
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Bio-Fusion Designs is the source for colorful - aquacultured seahorses. We have breeding several species. Check-out the You-Tube Channel for some great video.
A truly unique “living art” gift idea. Custom made Bonsai Spheres only available through Bio-Fusion Designs.
Custom aquariums – no matter what the design challenge - Bio-Fusion Designs can deliver results.
Corals of every type and every color in the rainbow – Bio-Fusion Designs is the source for “Ultra Colored" Corals

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