Maintenance Policy

Billing for each aquarium / pond is different depending on many variables including but not limited to, the system size, species requirements for each system, location, etc.  Supplies such as those needed for filter media replacement, water conditioning, and agreed upon client suggested add-ons to the existing systems at the time of the maintenance service visit are an additional charge to the labor involved to perform water changes, cleaning of the filter devices, adjustments to the layout, etc.  Feeding of any fish, as well as, applying animal or plant care supplements to the aquarium are not part of the regular maintenance unless we are contracted to do so (i.e. as in the case of daily maintenance service).


Livestock Policy

All live coral is kept under 250watt 20K Metal Halide lighting combined with Actinic VHO lighting in our systems.  They are fed a variety of foods weekly.  Corals acclimated to your systems may exhibit different coloration or lose coloration in your system depending on your lighting, food, and water conditions.

Bio-Fusion Designs has a 48 Hour guarantee from when aquarium livestock is introduced into the set-up personally  – for which if mortality occurs; the livestock will be replaced at no charge / or refunded – unless otherwise specified at time of sale.  This only applies to live aquarium items acclimated by our service technicians on installations we have done.

Live aquarium animals ordered and shipped by us have a arrive alive guarantee – unless otherwise specified.  Submission of a clear photo of the deceased animal is required in determining the gaurantee determination.

Bio-Fusion Designs is not responsible for mortalities of any livestock on systems that are not maintained by us.  Bio-Fusion Designs is not responsible for livestock mortality attributed to such occurrences including, but not limited to the following examples.  Equipment failure & power outages – potential disease outbreak & natural causes – client contributed factors that may affect water quality or contribute to stress or improper care of the livestock, etc.





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