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Bio-Fusion® Designs has applied new patent pending artistic design to the original Ecosphere® by Ecosphere Associates Inc. The Ecosphere® by Ecosphere Associates Inc. is a minimal maintenance aquarium option. It is a miniature-scale self sustaining marine aquarium in sealed glass. Bio-Fusion® Designs has challenged one of its custom sculptors to create artful representations of the living bonsai tree form to apply to it. Each tree is made from various recycled materials. The canopy colors are currently available in blue, green, red, orange, yellow, purple, and autumn mix. Various sizes are available. Call or e-mail for more info and pricing. This truly is a perfectly unique gift idea !!!<br /><br />
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This is a Bio-Fusion Designs original. Custom fountains can be hand sculpted using composite material and natural fiber. If desired, they can be plumbed to create a natural stone waterfall. The rustic containers that house the naturalistic islands add to the earthen appeal. Accents of driftwood imported from Japan complete the presence created by these relaxing pieces of living artwork. These displays have the capacity to have plants interchanged as different plants flower at different times throughout the year and bloom times vary. It is the perfect accent for indoor or outdoor use depending on the season, location, and plant species used.


Bio-Fusion Designs is the source for colorful - aquacultured seahorses. We have breeding several species. Check-out the You-Tube Channel for some great video.
A truly unique “living art” gift idea. Custom made Bonsai Spheres only available through Bio-Fusion Designs.
Custom aquariums – no matter what the design challenge - Bio-Fusion Designs can deliver results.
Corals of every type and every color in the rainbow – Bio-Fusion Designs is the source for “Ultra Colored" Corals

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