Bio-Fusion Designs “One-Of-A-Kind” Adirondack Mountain Cascade Water Feature Build for               Six Flags, Inc. The Great Escape

It has been an honor & privilege to be chosen by The Great Escape – Lake George, NY for this build.  An amazing waterscape built off 60,000 lbs. of hand-picked natural stone.  There is a lot to see & immerse yourself here with a 30ft. circumference natural stone wall for sitting, unique stone pillars of which their new sign was affixed, rock face panels for the watercourse sawn off boulders harvested from an underwater quarry, an amazing petrified driftwood log, perennial landscaping within the feature to complement the design, & of course a color changing lighting system befitting a theme park experience was installed to top it off.

Here is a sample of the Color Changing Lighting System That Can Be Adjusted To Be In Theme With Park Events



We are specialists in the Pond, Water Feature, & Aquarium industry & are by appointment.  We can work with you to achieve the results you are looking for on any level project you may have in mind !!! Free Estimates if located within the Capital Region of New York. We are the one stop source for all things Aquariums, Ponds, Water Gardens, Waterfalls /Water Features, & Lake / Natural Water Systems management. *Computer Generated / Conceptual Drawings or Photo Real Renderings are available for a cost determined on an individual basis & are Copyrighted / Watermarked from Bio-Fusion Designs

“Results Driven Solutions for the Aquatics Industry” is what we say & our enthusiasm, passion, creativity, & originality in the industry combined with our willingness to actually collaborate with & involve our customers in the process allows Dream Projects to truly come to fruition !!!  For more info on all of our services click on Ponds & Water Features at the Top Menu or any other corresponding top pages including Business Info that has  our Customer Testimonials, etc.

Check out the article that was written on Bio-Fusion Designs by Saratoga Today – Simply Saratoga 2019 Showcase of Homes Fall Edition.  You can access this magazine & article at the following link below.  For other articles on our business – check out the Press & Upcoming Events Tab Under Business Info

Simply Saratoga Fall 2019  Pages 148-149

Aside from all of our aquarium services, Bio-Fusion Designs is a full service Pond, Water Feature / Water Garden Company that has been providing its services for 16 years in the Capital Region on NY State. We are the area’s largest pond service company offering the most professional, comprehensive, and best priced pond installation / design, as well as, services such as clean-outs and seasonal openings / end of season shut downs or winterization. The Bio-Fusion Designs Team can transform your outdoor living space to incorporate water elements with a purpose – designed for both aesthetic /sound value along with functionality.

We are always available for pond, water feature, water garden – builds, renovations, service needs – not mention we are always fully stocked with all the necessary supplies, fish & plants, etc. The best part, we offer free in-person delivery of all supplies & live items while providing the best possible cost on them as well. Save your time & money – give us a try – we personally guarantee your satisfaction.

We strive to produce the most natural looking displays possible no matter the project size. Attention to detail, the use of multiple stone types in each build, the implementation of winter hardy aquatic & marginal plants & native vegetation, custom cut or cored stone pieces, a mixture of industry products best suited for the application, are all applied to have the display appear as if it has always been a part of the property for years.

Don’t take our word for it, aside from many customer testimonials that we cherish, we have a host of customers that have made it a point to give us permission to show off such work as an example of the type of successful aquarium & pond building that we produce. For those serious about putting in a pond, waterfall or water feature – We offer free personal tours of some of our applicable completed outdoor projects to help you visualize / collaborate with us to achieve your dream project !!!


*Bio-Fusion Designs Has A Combined Level Of Experience Totaling 50 Years In the Pond, Aquarium, & Aquatics Industry.  We Strive to Achieve Results & Exceed Expectations !!!


For Years Bio-Fusion Designs has been handcrafting live planter-based re-circulating waterfall / feature designs on many scales.  Please see the video below.  This is one example of our Exclusive Products – The Bio-Fusion Designs Custom Planter Waterfall that we have displayed at trade shows for years on various levels & designs.  Each one is unique & original – custom designed to fit the indoor or outdoor space – both or seasonal relocation in some cases.  The perfect small scale & minimal maintenance option for those seeking the tranquil site & sound of water / live plants, but have limited space.  Call us for more details.


Featured News:

We are in this year’s Home & Garden Issue – Pages 88-90  Check It Out !!!  We talk about the integration of ponds & water features both outside & inside to embody the very concept of Biophilic Design.

Simply Saratoga Home & Garden 2023 (


Be sure to check out a  recent article published by Saratoga Today on Bio-Fusion Designs.  You can find this article & many more in the Press Link under the Business Info Tab









A little early spring inspiration !!!  Here is a recirculating waterfall that we renovated to improve the natural look, flow pattern, & overall cleanliness / maintenance involved with this feature.  Integrating a water feature into your existing landscape or designed to be part of an overall plan for your outdoor space is gaining in popularity due to the typical reduced maintenance involved vs. pond systems containing fish.  Bio-Fusion Designs can help with all aspects from new construction, renovation, & service with any pond, water garden, or water feature project on any level.

From a Drone Perspective.  Check out this Amazing Waterfall & Pond System !!!


** We are equipped to handle any Pond, Water Garden, & Natural Water System Service Needs.  We believe in providing advice, recommendations, & appropriate products to reduce potential maintenance requirements based on individual needs.  Most liner based pond systems should only require involved service needs 2X per season (Opening & Closing).  If you are experiencing regular maintenance needs, problems, high maintenance costs?  Call us, we can help you – our staff are composed of people with actual Fisheries Biologist / Wetland Science Educational Backgrounds.


Adding fish to your pond whether it be Koi or other types of pond fish such as various species of goldfish can be rewarding & fun for the whole family.  They become an extension of your family just like any other pet.  Many fish become used to being fed from hand and recognize their owners.  We have access to all types of disease-free, beautiful fish that absolutely amaze with their vibrant colors.  We offer great pricing on all varieties.  We quarantine them before release and can even provide free personal delivery to your pond via one of our livewell truck systems.

We also build waterfalls into conventional swimming pool designs.  Call us today to set-up a consultation !!! Whether it be a natural stone formation or contemporary design like in this video clip / photos – We can deliver !!!


Whether it be through one of our contracted specialist contributors or by our in-house capabilities for stone, cutting, coring, shaping, etc. Bio-Fusion Designs can deliver to achieve the desired effect / result for our clients.  The video below shows a large unique boulder we imported for one of our clients being cut into various layers & shapes to be used in a project.  Please check out our Ponds & Water Features or Landscape / Hardscape Sections for more info.


Consider automating / use of controls on your aquarium.  This is particularly important in reef keeping.  This will allow for a better success rate, ease of maintenance, & piece of mind allowing for more time spent enjoying your aquarium than working on it.  Allow us to help you integrate all or part(s) of some of the latest technology and you will notice the difference.

At Bio-Fusion Designs, we have been incorporating unique handcrafted wood, metal, & composite stands into aquarium projects to give each client a custom look for those looking outside the ordinary pre-manufactured laminate – particle board stands that have existed for ages.  By partnering up with one of our exclusive specialist contributors, we have made available some jaw dropping styles to suit every living or office space.  Whether it is a rustic look you are going for through the use of real wood or re-finishing existing stands or a contemporary / modern style – we are your one stop shop.

Here is a photo from one of our custom projects 12 years ago.  This is custom aquarium cabinetry taken to the next level on this one.  Its such a thing of beauty, it almost shadows on the underwater seen in this 8ft. long freshwater planted aquarium that we installed & nourished for it to reach it’s maximum potential.



A truly unique “living art” gift idea. Custom made Bonsai Spheres only available through Bio-Fusion Designs. We Recently Created A Themed One-0f-A Kind Art Piece Created Specifically For The Capital District Flower & Garden Expo 2022  –  Lot# 1 of 1 Signed Work In Support of Autism Awareness


Ultra Colored Corals of every type available on a regular basis from our aquaculture facility.  Show Sized Colonies to Frags. Check our Web Store along with FB Page on a regular basis for Updated Availability.  Signing up for our Newsletter also keeps you informed of certain special offers.  We provide expert advice to our customers to guide & assist them towards achieving success in having corals purchased through us thrive.  We take the guesswork out for those at beginning / intermediate, & even expert levels regarding lighting, dosing, placement, etc.  All of our corals are absolutely guaranteed disease & pest free. You will receive coral that is in optimal health from our aquaculture facility.

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