Aquariums & Aquatic Displays

Bio-Fusion Designs offers its Custom Aquarium Design & Installation on a Nationwide level.  We can make your aquarium dreams come true whether it’s a freshwater or saltwater system on any level.  We have 50 years of combined experience – making any type of system a long-term success for our clients.  We are a full service company from start to finish and even ongoing if our maintenance service is contracted.  We can also work with your architect or interior designer on any project.  We often design our own custom filtration systems to fit the specific needs of your aquarium for worry-free operation.  We have in-house wood and metal fabrication, painting, etc. to provide a complete service on any project that involves matching the theme or decor of any residential or commercial environment.  We even create the most realistic artificial coral pieces around.  These are individual pieces and not large bulky non realistic inserts.

Our expansive aquaculture facility and quarantine set-ups allow us to propagate large amounts of live coral, freshwater aquarium plants, and house disease free- super healthy – aquarium ready – freshwater and saltwater fish of all types and sizes to full fill the needs of any system.  

If your project exists in another state or outside of our immediate maintenance service area – we have a network of recommended affiliate maintenance service companies and technicians to provide assistance.  We offer referral points to our existing clients that feature our aquariums or ponds or those that we service.  We do this as a way of saying Thank-You for your business and the business that you pass along to us through “word of mouth”.  Acquire points if people referred do business with our company.  This can be used towards additional fish, plants, supplies, etc. – or even service towards your aquarium or pond.



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