In the past 16 years, Bio-Fusion Designs has fast become a business identified as a premier full service company when it comes to ponds, water features, aquariums, and unique landscaping / hardscaping in the Capital Region of NY State, as well as, on a Nationwide level for custom  aquarium work.  Bio-Fusion Designs fills a niche market.  It approaches this industry with services, supplies, livestock, and a knowledge level rarely seen from any aquarium or pond company.

Bio-Fusion Designs has conducted business successfully in other states such as, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, and California. It has been stated by customers and spectators alike that Bio-Fusion Designs delivers the “WOW” factor and “amazing” displays when it comes to work shown at public events. Bio-Fusion Designs is sought after by residential and commercial clients on a nationwide level.  Additionally, Bio-Fusion Designs has provided its services and specialized designs to celebrities and provides technical support on commercial systems for certain nationwide pet store chains.

Bio-Fusion Designs strives to maintain its position as a trusted source in an ever changing industry. Bio-Fusion Designs is an innovator in areas of design and engineering within the aquatic industry. Bio-Fusion Designs will focus on projects and retail products for all levels while being the specialized company for custom work in the markets it serves. Customer service, integrity, and education remain the core values that are present to be successful and maintain customer loyalty.

Bio-Fusion Designs is a company comprised of staff & specialist contributors that cover the spectrum in biological knowledge, engineering skills, & artistic vision.  Our success stories have grown over the course of the 13 year old company.  Please check our website & FB page to see customer testimonials & project coverage that resound the passion for the industry that we have.

Eric Czerw is the founder & lead designer / installer on the team.  Eric has over 30 years of professional experience in the aquatics industry.  With multiple degrees in the biological sciences to include fisheries & aquaculture, marine biology, and wetlands science / wildlife management – he has multi-faceted “hands-on” experience.

His time as a special projects person at the New England Sea Aquarium in Boston, MA has allowed him to accomplish the goal of designing/constructing an aquaculture exhibit room in time for a national AZA conference to be held at the facility.  He has been responsible for compiling and interpreting data collected for submission to be published, implementing data collecting methods to make various conservation projects a success, evaluated protocols on aquaculture methods in research laboratory and designed solutions for improvement through alternative methods.  He conducted a study on public perception of facility design and interest.  This had also involved educating the public on conservation issues.

As a hatchery manager, he had been responsible for directing / maintaining the operation of a 40,000 gallon experimental hatchery.  This had involved presenting tours of the facility to educate the public, as well as, market aquaculture species to increase revenue.  He had designed an alternative filtration system to improve the aquaculture capacity of the hatchery.

Eric’s involvement with numerous environmental agencies has allowed him to participate in studies/evaluations in order to coordinate ecology programs, create published data in scientific journals, and recommend methodology for plan of action.

Eric’s intense interest in being considered an artist for what he & those he surrounds himself has been the driving force for some of the most innovative and stunning   “One-Of-A-Kind” & truly “WOW” Factor designs produced by Bio-Fusion Designs





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