Maintenance Services

Maintenance Policy

Billing for each aquarium / pond is different depending on many variables including but not limited to, the system size, species requirements for each system, location, etc.  Supplies such as those needed for filter media replacement, water conditioning, and agreed upon client suggested add-ons to the existing systems at the time of the maintenance service visit are an additional charge to the labor involved to perform water changes, cleaning of the filter devices, adjustments to the layout, etc.  Feeding of any fish, as well as, applying animal or plant care supplements to the aquarium are not part of the regular maintenance unless we are contracted to do so (i.e. as in the case of daily maintenance service).  We offer the most cost effective aquarium & pond maintenance service around.

Allowing us to service the aquarium(s) / pond(s) that we design and install or that you already have offers many benefits:

  • We arrive on-site with all of our own tools and equipment necessary to provide complete service for your aquarium. or pond.
  • The artistic integrity of the “Living Art” creation is maintained so that it appears as intended on a regular basis
  • Your valuable time is saved by having us provide maintenance in a convenient way that will not disrupt your lifestyle
  • We keep detailed service records of your aquarium / pond so that we can refer back to them regarding such things as, maintenance requirements, water quality parameters, and the supplies that are necessary.  You will receive professional laboratory grade water quality testing as part of all maintenance .


*We are the only company around that offers free reverse osmosis make-up fresh water or pre-mixed & balanced saltwater as part of the water changes during aquarium service

Pond maintenance *Includes Full Pond Clean-Out / Pressure Rinsing – Debris Extraction – Filtration Clean-Out, Set-Up & Check – Water Conditioning Additives – Excludes Replacement Filter Media & Additional Supplies

Call or e-mail to schedule a free consultation and price quote if located with the Capital Region of NY State.

If you are outside of our immediate maintenance service area – we have a network of recommended affiliate maintenance service companies and technicians to provide assistance.

We offer referral points to our existing clients that feature our aquariums or ponds or those that we service.  We do this as a way of saying Thank-You for your business and the business that you pass along to us through “word of mouth”.  Acquire points if people referred do business with our company.  This can be used towards additional fish, plants, supplies, etc. – or even service towards your aquarium or pond.


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