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Bonsai Spheres – Exclusively From Bio-Fusion® Designs

Bio-Fusion® Designs has applied amazing artistic design for one of its most popular exclusive products. Resembling the company logo itself, Bio-Fusion Designs has challenged one of its custom sculptors to create artful representations of the bonsai tree to adorn the spheres. The materials used for these Bonsai sculptures support conservation efforts and integrity towards “green principles”. Each tree is made from various recycled materials. The canopy colors are available in endless options such as – blue, green, red, orange, yellow, purple, and autumn mix, snow covered evergreen, etc.. The trunk choices are either Aluminum or Copper.

This is the Minimal Maintenance Aquarium Option – Yes that is correct – AQUARIUM !!! Within the self contained sphere – There exists a miniature and self sustained environment that contains various species of Shrimp. These shrimp live off plant material /algae and bacteria contained within the sphere. This provides a perpetual source of food and oxygen. Each Bonsai Sphere includes an entire info and care packet with each purchase.

Great Custom Made Gift Idea !!!

Photo Samples Below-  Each One Is Custom & Unique  – Hand Made & Individually Numbered


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